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  • Movie Tip: How to use our Subtitle Files using VLC Player

  • Today let's share how we use the Subtitle file using VLC player for mobile phones. If you are finding it difficult to add Subtitle file to your movie when playing the video then this post is for you, am sure after this post you will enjoy downloading Subtitle files for your movies.

    But before that we need to enlightening you some few terms on this topic.

    What is Subtitle?
    Well according to my own understanding without the help of Google, Wikipedia or Dictionary I see Subtitle is as a text shown underneath every scene where there is a comment made by a character or actor.
    Or its the translating of one particular language movie to another language while showing the text onscreen for the viewers to read and understand what the scene is all about.
    The Subtitle file is recognized as a .srt format amongst others.

    What is VLC Player?
    VideoLAN Client player is one of the best if not the best multimedia player which you can use in playing multiple multimedia formats, it's supports all kinds of audio and video files that it can even stream online files.
    Now why am I introducing it to you, its because it's the tool you need to use for this operation.
    Quickly now go to Google Play: VLC Player to download if your phone is supported by Google or visit Apkpure: VLC Player to download if your phone is not supported by Google.

    Now after installing follow the next procedures to enjoy your subtitles on your movies.

    Step 1: Get your movie
    Download your movie from our website (Movies) if the Subtitle is available Download it too (next step).

    Step 2: Download the Subtitle file
    After you download the movie also download the Subtitle file if it's available.

    Step 3: Copy the Subtitle link
    After Downloading the Subtitle file also copy the Subtitle link.

    Step 4: Get to your VLC Player and Locate the Movie
    Locate your movie using VLC player and tap on the video menu as shown above.

    Step 5: Tap Download Subtitles
    After you have taped the video menu, a Dropbox will show, now tap on Download subtitles.

    Step 6: Check The manual download box
    After you must have tap the "download subtitles" a box will show beside Manuel Download and History, now check (or tap) the box.

    Step 7: Paste your Coppied Subtitle link from step 3
    After check the box from step 6,a search box will appear, now post the link you Coppied from step 3 and tap Done.

    After all this steps have been done thoroughly you can view your video with Subtitle in it.

    I hope it was help to you.
    Thanks for choosing Naija2Movies.com happy 😊 Downloading.

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