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  • SMALLVILLE Tom Welling Was Never Going To Wear Superman's Suit In CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS
  • Tom Welling has talked more about his Crisis on Infinite Earths return as Clark Kent, and the Smallville alum has now confirmed that he was never planning to suit up as Superman in the crossover event...

    Smallville fans waited ten long years to see Tom Welling's Clark Kent don Superman's iconic costume, but they were instead forced to endure seeing a tiny CGI version of the Man of Steel from afar and shots of the actor from the chest/neck up. 

    Welling reprised the role in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover last year, where it was revealed that he had given up his powers and was living a simple wife with Lois and his children. During a recent appearance at Fan Expo Vancouver, the actor was asked if there were plans for him to suit up in the crossover, and Welling made it clear that it would have been an instant no had that been suggested.

    "It was not a part [of the pitch]," he confirmed. "Had they started the conversation with 'So, Clark is in the suit', I'd have been like [pretends to hang-up the phone.]"

    "I think for me, it was just trying to protect Clark and the original idea of him being in high school before the Superman thing," Welling continued. "For me, I also thought that the Clark on Smallville, once he put the suit on, it was not Smallville anymore, everything became too easy."

    That's not really an explanation that's likely to fly with fans, and we've previously heard that he didn't want to wear the suit in the finale due to concerns that he would forever be remembered as Superman (which is the case anyway as the actor has never really done much beyond that series).

    Are you disappointed that Welling didn't don Superman's costume in Crisis

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